Membership in The Royal Canadian Legion was originally restricted to ex-service members of Canada's Armed Forces and Merchant Navy.
The organization is now open to members of the general public. There are four categories of membership.

The Membership Coordinator for the Central Butte Royal Canadian Legion is Sharon Fraser.
Sharon can be reached at (306) 796-4388.
Memberships are $45.00.
Membership Form

Ordinary membership

Ordinary membership is open to anyone who has served or is serving in one of the following:

  • The Canadian Forces or Her Majesty's Forces (including regular force or reserve force under class "C" service).
  • Forces or underground forces of any of Her Majesty's allies in any war, conflict or police action in which Canada was involved.
  • The Merchant Navy or non-military services in an actual theatre of war in which Canada was involved.
  • Her Majesty's reserve forces including Cadet Instructors on the Cadet Cadre for not less than one year.
  • The Royal Canadian Air, Army or Sea cadets for no less than 3 years of the joined date.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary for not less than one year.
  • The forces of a country while that country was a member of NATO or NORAD in alliance with Canada.
  • The forces of the United States.
  • The Vietnam War with the Armed Forces of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea or South Vietnam, and were a Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject at the time of service.
  • The Canadian Coast Guard as an officer or crew member who has two or more years active service on the high seas or inland waterways.
  • A city, municipal or provincial police force as a police officer for not less than one year.

Some members from 1999

Top row L - R: Abe Harder, Bud Petcoff, Stan Beck, Ray Stewart, Henry Johnson, Tommy Newton
Front Row L-R: Don Aitkin, Paul Berger, Mary Haggert, Mr (need first name) Ewert, Cyril Shooter

Associate membership

Individuals who do not qualify for ordinary membership can be associate members if one of the following applies:

  • They are the child, stepchild, adopted child, grandchild, sibling, niece/nephew, widow/er, parent or spouse of someone who is or was eligible for ordinary membership.
  • They are the child of an associate member.
  • They have served as a cadet civilian instructor for not less than 3 years.
  • They have served as an officer in the Navy League of Canada for not less than 2 years.
  • They have served in the Polish Armed Forces after World War II below the rank of officer.
  • They have served in a City, Municipal, Volunteer, Un-organized Territories or Federal Fire Service for not less than one year.
  • They are the spouse, parent or sibling of an associate member who qualified subject to the above criteria.

Affiliate voting membership

Commonwealth subjects who do not qualify for ordinary or associate membership are eligible for affiliate membership.

Affiliate non-voting membership

Non-Commonwealth subjects from an Allied nation who support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion can apply for affiliate non-voting membership.

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